The Boys

Within just a week at home, the boys drove everyone around them insane. My niece and nephew cut their staying with us short because they could not tolerate the boys, particularly the four years old.

They are not the most respectful kids. They don’t listen more than half of the time. They break down quite easily. They don’t like to share. They have tons of energy.

Most (if not all) of their misbehaves are my fault and responsibility. I fail to discipline my kids properly. I fail to control my emotions when they push my button. Đạo drives me to the wall every time he doesn’t get what wanted, and yet he is such a sweet boy.

Being a father, I want to give my kids the good times and childhood memories, something I never had with my dad. But each day I feel like a failure and with many regrets. At the end of the day, I tell myself to try again the next day. Tomorrow will be a better day. The only failure I am not making is stop trying. I get a third shot at this parenthood thing when the new boy is born.