His Two Cents

Email from a reader:

Hello Donny,

I am the guy who just paid 0.02 $ for your book Professional Web Typography. This is not because that’s how much I think your efforts are worth. I’m in a difficult financial situation right now and what I paid for the book is pretty much all I have on my bank account.

I want to become a professional graphic designer specialized in type design and I can’t afford an education in that field so books like yours are life-saving for me. I don’t have a steady internet access so I needed that pdf version of your book to be able to work at any time.

As soon as my financial situation will get better, I will pay for this book. This is a promise.

For the incredible help your book has already offered me, thank you Donny.

I understand his financial situation. As long as it is not a spammer, I appreciate any support.