My graduation ceremony will be on this Saturday. I hope that my mom will be able to make it. Because of her health issue, I understand if she couldn’t come to celebrate with me.

Graduation is not big of a deal, but the only person besides me who is excited about it is my niece. I am so glad to hear that she wants to come to share the special day with me.

Again it’s not a big deal, but a moment like this shows who is your real family, who supports you, and who is pretentious. Even if no one else cares, I am still proud of my achievements in the past two and a half years. It is something that I never thought I could accomplish.

Up until I enrolled into the master program, school was never exciting to me. I don’t know how I made it through high school and four-year college. After finishing my undergrad, I promised myself that I am done with school forever. Needless to say, that was not true.

All those years in school, I fluffed my way through. I hung in there and did everything I could just so I could get that piece of paper. I didn’t truly earn it. Grad school was the opposite. I put in my time and effort. I had done the work that I am proud of. I truly earn it; therefore, it is a big deal for me.

On Saturday I will close out this chapter of my life. My next step is refocusing on my expanding family. I will spend the the two-week holidays with the two boys and getting ready for the third boy coming early next year. Looking forward to exciting and exhausting time ahead.