This morning I took Đán to preschool, but forgot that it is closed today. When the guy at the front desk told us that, Đán’s face lid up. I said to him, “Let’s go back home.” He replied, “Yes, I am so proud of you, daddy.”

At dinner time last night, Đán went to the restroom and went back out. I told him to wash his hand before he eat. He argued back, “I didn’t touch my cu (penis).”

On Monday, I took him to the pediatrician for his four-year checkup. He did everything the doctor told him to do such as hopping and balancing with one foot, reading the shapes on the board for his eyes test, and answering a few questions. He took three shots on his arms, cried a little, and went for some donuts.

I am indeed very proud of him. I enjoy spending time with them now more than before. We can actually go places without all of the extra baggage. It will be tough with another one on the way.