Revamped and Expanded ON Designs

My portfolio site, ON Designs, gets an update. The major change is the expansion of each selected project. For each case study, I wanted to add more visual designs and incorporate the process that went into the project. Designing each case study is time-consuming and I had avoided in the past, but I believe it is worth the effort.

The new design reflects more of my design thinking. I wanted to experience with online editorial design and move away from the trend of hiding all the navigation items under the hamburger icon, even on the big desktop screens. I also wanted to do away with JavaScript. Except for loading TypeKit and Google Analytics, I use no JavaScript for interaction.

For the typography, I keep Acumin Pro for my logo and the big headers. I added Minion Pro for the text face. Both of these typefaces are designed by Robert Slimbach. Both of these typefaces are beautiful and elegant with subtle humanist qualities.

Finally I wanted to stay true to my philosophy: Omit Needless Designs.