Introducing ON Designs

In the past few months weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to separate my personal blog from my professional work. The decision is hard to make because Visualgui has become both my personal and professional presence on the web for so many years. On one hand, I still enjoy blogging and designing for the web. With everything in one place, it is easier for me to focus my attention. On the other hand, the blog is somewhat limiting my design decision because I wanted to support Vietnamese type. In addition, the blog is always about readability.

With my portfolio separated, I can use more type choices and play more with the design. With that said, allow me to introduce ON Designs, a brand new website that showcases only my work. The concept of ON Designs is played off Omit Needless Words inspired by inspired by William Strunk’s 17th principle of composition. ON (Omit Needless) Designs focuses on the necessity of the users. A user-centered experience should contain no unnecessary elements; therefore, every design decision needs to be thoughtful, simple, and intuitive.

Even though I have been working on this site in the past few weeks, I decided to changed the typeface to Acumin, a new design by Robert Slimbach, after seeing the announcement on Typekit yesterday. To stay true to the brand, Omit Needless Designs, I wanted to make the site as simple as possible. I invite you to visit my brand new site.

Bonjour Vietnam