Swiss It Up

Visualgui gets another makeover in less than two months. Somehow I was having the urge to go for a Swiss design. What I still love about this style is the ability to reduce everything to the core. This redesign is a quick one because I took out things from the previous design rather than added anything new. I reduced the number of typefaces and columns to one.

Proxima Nova, by Mark Simonson, is the only typeface used in this version. I wanted to play with the wordmark a bit. On the desktop version, the wordmark changes to vertical display. I also wanted to use a sans serif typeface for body text, something I haven’t done for a while.

Another big change in this new design is white space—lots of white space. I am still obsessed with white space and simplicity. Even though I could have used the previous design until 2016, I just wanted to make the change before the start of the new semester, which is next week. I will be focusing on my final project, teaching, and doing a handful of projects at work and home. I just hope that I won’t stress myself out. Doing a redesign like this actually helps releasing some of the anxiety. I am going to bed and will spend all day tomorrow with the kids.