The Train Ride

Last Monday I woke up with a migraine. Đán woke up with a fever. Đạo woke up and didn’t have to go to camp. Since all three of us stayed home, I decided to take them out for some light activities so their mom could do some work and rest.

We went to the park and they could play mini golf. I still think golf is extremely boring, but enjoyed watching them played. Then we took the train ride. Something about sitting and holding my sons on both arms and feeling the breeze took away my migraine.

In several occasions, the train ride had released my stress even for just a short five minutes. In that short period, mind was so clear and focused. Life felt simple and I treasured every second with the kids. I just closed my eyes and held on to them slightly tight. Not because I were afraid that they would fall of the train, but I needed the affection.

If I were to have five minutes left in this world, that how I would spend my time.