Back to White Again

This site is going through another restyling within two months. While I love experimenting with setting white text on black background for a change, my taste is the reverse. For this redesign, I keep the layout almost intact, but the typography is completely new.

Because I am moving away from images, the typefaces need to communicate both as visual aesthetic as well as functionality. In addition, the type must display correct Vietnamese writing; therefore, I am investing heavily in fonts in term of performance. The main typeface is Arno Pro, designed by Robert Slimbach. Because I need to use Vietnamese characters, which increased the font size tremendously, I might as well take advantage of discretionary ligatures in Arno Pro. The headings are set in big, beautiful Proxima Nova Extra Condensed, designed by Mark Simonson. As for the branding, I am loving the gorgeous Acta Poster Swashes, designed by Dino dos Santos.

For font delivery, I am now using the Web Font Loader method. In the previous version, I used Typekit’s default delivery because I could not stand the flash of unstyled text (FOUT). I changed my mind early this month when I was vacationing in a rental house with limited internet connection. My website was blank for over 30 seconds or so in a slow connection. I am now OK with the FOUT as long as the content is not blocked.

For the work section, I am bringing back SVG to create big visual impact with small file size. I am now combining all my school and personal projects as well as my book collection into the more section. Those contents are probably more for me than my visitors, but just in case you are interested. My other reason for gathering them in one place is to simplify so that when I want to redesign this site, which I hope to do more often, I could easily do so. I only have to deal with three pages instead of five or six. I even abandon my Google custom search for DuckDuckGo. That way I don’t have to deal with the search page anymore. That’s it. I hope you like the new changes.