Đán’s Dirty Talk

Last night my three-year-old Đán scratched his private area and bawled out. I shined a flashlight on him and saw that he had rashes all over. He was having some allergic reactions. I took off his pants, picked him up, and my wife gave him some Benadryl. To prevent him from scratching himself, I put him down and blew some air to soothe him. He fell back to sleep, but when I stopped, he said, “Daddy, blow me.” That was the first time in my life I had to give a blow job.

Early today as we made way toward the boardwalk, we spotted a bunch of girls in bikinis in the opposite direction. Đán said to me, “Daddy, there’s a lot of ‘con chim.’” He meant to say birds, but you have to know Vietnamese to understand the other context.