Writing for Yourself

In the 110th episode of “Unfinished Business,” Andy Clarke talked to Jeffrey Zeldman and Jeremy Keith about the importance of writing for yourself. Jeremy makes the case that you should blog whatever you want on your own site and he sets the perfect example with his own journal. He is a well-respect front-end developer, but he writes anything on his mind.

I have been doing the same on my own site. I write about the things that I am passionate about whether on music, typography, or parenting. Giving myself the freedom to write whatever I want encourages me to do it almost everyday. I am glad that I am not the only one who is still blogging when blogging is “dead.”

English hasn’t come easy for me and I used to feel embarrassed whenever I put my words on the page, but because I am writing for myself, I feel less intimidating. A few grammatical errors are nothing comparing to the thoughts and feelings I am revealing to the public. Then again, I probably have about three readers anyway. One of my personal goals is to write more in my first language. My Vietnamese is horrible. I can’t even write a sentence without Googling to see if the accents I used were correct. My Vietnamese writing is probably still at a third grade level, but then it doesn’t matter since this is my own site after all.

In the podcast, Jeremy pointed out why you should write from your own perspective resonated with me. He encouraged people to write even if the topics have been written elsewhere. For example, why would you write about CSS when you can find every CSS-related article on CSS Tricks? When you just learned or discovered something, you write from a fresh perspective; therefore, someone else can relate to what you have written. He is correct and I can attest to that. Web typography has been written before from people who are much more smarter than me, but I wrote Professional Web Typography based on my own perspective and experience. It turns out that many people had enjoyed reading what I had to say and I am happy about it.