My Boys

I haven’t blogged about my boys for a while and don’t even know where to begin. So much had happened in the past few months. I am just going to write what I can remember.

Let’s start with soccer. We signed up soccer camp for Đán again in the spring after he showed some interest in the sport from last winter. Every Saturday morning, I took him to soccer with Đạo tagging along. Unfortunately Đán had lost his focus and attention. He rather walked around the field than joined his friends and coaches for soccer. On the other hand, Đạo started to show interest in soccer. I wanted to sign him up, but they did not have class for his age. He ended up playing in Đán’s class. One of the coaches invited him to join the group and he had been part of the team ever since. With Đán I just let him do whatever he liked. If he didn’t want to play soccer, I let him roamed around the field. He could join in whenever he wanted too. Most of his teammates were in the same boat. They just ran and did whatever they wanted rather than paying attention to the coach. Poor dads chasing after their kids and giving them warnings again and again. It’s the middle-class problem. We paid for our kids to play soccer, but ending up babysitting them.

Lately Đán had been obsessed with dinosaurs. He took his dinosaur toys with him everywhere he went. He even knew how to pronounce their names. I nicknamed him the Đánosaur. My wife and I had a conference yesterday with one of his teachers and we were surprised to learn that she had no behavioral problem with him at the daycare. Then again she was a very strict teacher. She told us that he always shared his dinosaurs with his friends in class, something he hardly did at home with his brother and cousin. We were glad to have her as his teacher this year.

Đạo is also wrapping up his kindergarten with his fantastic teacher. On Monday, he and his friends performed 9 songs for us. Each song lasted a couple of bars. One of their favorite tunes were about Abraham Lincoln. After the performance, I asked him who was Abraham Lincoln and what did they mean when they sang, “he freed the slaves.” He responded, “Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president and he gave people money.” I learn new thing everyday through my kids.

Summer is coming and we had some vacationing lined up.