Yelawolf: Love Story

In the hip-hop universe, Yelawolf is still from “Outer Space,” despite being signed to the Eminem’s camp. Although he has been in the game for a minute, Yelawolf has not been accepted. Describing himself as “Whiskey in a Bottle,” he claims, “Fuckin’ right, I’m aged / I’m Dirty Three, I’m not a child who plays with rap to get a piece.” Like Em, Yelawolf perfected his flow, but unlike Em, he could sing a few notes. As an outcast, he brings some different perspectives to hip-hop. In “American You,” he raps and sings about his upbringing: “You got a blue collar father who drinks Budweiser out the bottle.” In “Best Friend,” he opines his religious point of view: “Try hard to respect people for what they believing in / But if you spit on my fucking grave / And wish me Hell then I wish you well / I’mma send you straight up to my best friend.” Love Story has some compelling tracks, but the formula of rapping and rock singing gets repetitive for 18 tracks. The minimalist productions don’t help much either.

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