Dizzy Wright: The Growing Process

The Vegas MC apparently likes to smoke. Wright spends most of his time on the album getting stoned with his guests including members from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Mod Sun. But when the smoke is clear, Wright is at his best like venting out his frustration on “Can I Feel This Way” (“Nowadays kids not even living they life, they just staring in they iPhone screens”) or dropping some thought-provocative rhymes on “Training Your Mind” (I wouldn’t be surprised if my future killer’s a black man / Wake up, walk out, another man chalked out”). His emotional comes through on “Daddy Daughter Relationship” (“If this world ever breaks you down / Baby girl stay strong, remember that I got your back”). In his mid 20s, Wright is still in his growing process and he probably won’t be matured until he let go of the weed.