Kid Talks

It was teacher appreciation day. I gave Đạo two cards to write to his teachers. Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: What are you going to write for Ms. G?
Đạo: Dear Ms. G, you are a very nice teacher.
Me: That’s really nice. How about Ms. D?
Đạo: Dear Ms. D, you are a very nice teacher.
Me: Can you write something else?
Đạo: No, because I want them to be happy.
Me: Oh OK.
Đạo: They look pretty with clothes on.
Me: If you say so.

Đán with candies on his hand.

Đán Daddy, grownups can’t eat candy.
Me: Why not?
Đán Because they will get sick. Only small, small, small boys and babies can eat candy. They won’t get sick. Candy is not sweet.

He gave me no chance to defense the grownups.