Đình Bảo – Cuộc Tình Đã Mất

Even with his beautiful baritone and delightful diction, Đình Bảo continues to disappoint by staying in his comfort zone. His new release, Cuộc Tình Đã Mất, has some enjoyable tracks such as the bluesy rendition of “Sa Mạc Tình Yêu,” the Latin-inflected “Chia Tay Tình Đầu” (Nguyễn Ngọc Thiện), and the charming cover of “Nổi Đau Muộn Màng” (Ngô Thụy Miên). Unfortunately, there are some bad choices, particularly the cheesy “Tuyết Rơi Mùa Hè” (Trần Lê Quỳnh) and the odd phrasing on “Tiếng Mưa Đếm” (Đức Huy). Then again, this is the best you could get out of a typical Thúy Nga product. He needs to break out on his own to move beyond what the big production can offer. While the music as usual, Thúy Nga has steps up its cover design for this album. The front cover has a simple design with decent typography and the back has a nice white space for the song tracks.