Thirty Seven

So I made it through thirty seven years of my life. I am still healthy and blessed with a loving family. In order to maintain these two important aspects, I have work to do. I used to believe that age ain’t nothing but a number, but I am having a reality check as I am heading to the big four zero.

Even though I don’t have any health problem yet, I need to make some changes in my diet and activity. I had been eating way too reckless lately and had not have the time to exercise. Started this week, I am cutting off sugar and trying out intermittent fasting. Goodbye cheesecake and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. For caffeine, I am replacing my coffee (with cream and sugar) with green tea. I stopped running for a while, but slowing getting back into walking. Let’s see how these new changes go.

As a husband, I am not always on my best behavior. I need to work harder on that. As a dad, I am not as patience as I should. I am making that change as well. I love you guys. Thank you for a nice little birthday dinner with spring rolls and jello.