Đán’s Spelling Skill

Đán: Daddy, how do you spell Lego?
Me: L-E-G-O
Đán: No, it’s B-O-G-O.
Me: OK
Đán: How do you spell jelly bean?
Me: J-E-L-L-Y space B-E-A-N
Đán: No, it’s B-O-G-O.

Đán picks up spelling from Đạo who is in the process of learning how to read. Đạo asks us to spell any word he either just learned or wanting to learn. Although Đán also asks us to spell different words, his answer is always B-O-G-O.

These days when I drop Đán off at daycare. He always asked me for a kiss goodbye. I am so glad the crying is over. As I head back to my car to work, I saw a mother hiding outside the door listening to her kid’s screaming. It brought back so much memories.