Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Earl Sweatshirt tweeted about his new album: “WHEN YOU GET DONE LISTENING TO IT, LISTEN TO IT AGAIN, THATS WHY ITS 30 MINUTES NUMBNUTS.” It’s true. The album is surprisingly short. His rhymes are dark; his beats, self-produced, are unpolished; yet his stories are compelling. “Faucet” is an impressive track that has the early Wu Tang vibe to it. His opening bars sound so much like Method Man, but with a chilling menace. His tone is serious when he rhymes, “Fuck out my face while I’m thinking.” “DNA” is another gloomy track. His verse is superb. His flow is fluid and his message is clear: “Tell momma get a gun if I get too popular / I’m just being honest with it.” In the guest spot, his brother Na’kel contributed an emotional story of his friend who passed away. Earl is right in his tweet. This is an album to be experienced again and again to appreciate the grim storytellings and hypnotic beats.