BadBadNotGood with Ghostface Killah – Sour Soul

More than two decades into the game, Ghostface Killah remains unstoppable. Last year he dropped an excellent concept album detailing his return after being locked up for 36 Seasons. Yesterday he and the BadBadNotGood released Sour Soul. In the live instrumental setting, the BBNG trio lays out the smooth, elegant jazz-hip hop arrangements for Ghost to tear down. “Gunshowers,” for example, begins with the soothing electric guitar strumming. Then the thumping bass kicks in before Ghost rips through with his swag on word: “I bust boundaries son, you just do what you’re taught / My vocab is powerful, spit shit subliminal / Slang therapist, my whole style is criminal.” At times, the laid-back beats could hardly keep up with Ghost’s endless energy. As a result, one of the highlights of the album is “Tone’s Rap,” in which Ghost slows down his flow to the spacious backdrop and muses on his pimping game. Before the instrument takes over, he claims, “Pimping ain’t easy, but it surely is fun.” He could say that about his rapping career as well.