Future Doctor, Current Uncontroller

Yesterday, Đán held a flashlight with his left hand and opened my eyelids to exam with his right. After that he instructed me: “Now take off your clothes.” I laughed my ass off. At three and a half, he could be quite charming when he wants to. Unfortunately that only happens about 10 percent of the time. The other 90 percent of the time is quite the oposite.

He is at his worse when he gets up from his nap. He snaps just like that. Somehow Đạo had gone through this routine as well when he was at Đán’s age. Now Đán is doing the same but with a much worst tantrum. I simply can’t cope with it so I let his mom deal with it. She is much better than me.

On Saturday, we took Samantha, Eric and the kids out to bowling. Đán couldn’t wait until his turn to bowl. He simply wanted to bowl continuously. When we tried to explain to him about the game, he kicked he his bowling shoes and pushed him mom. When we couldn’t get him to calm down, we took him out to the car. I guess we won’t come back to bowling until he understands the concept of self-control.