Troublesome 3.5

This morning when I dropped Đán off at his class, the kids were lining up at the door to go somewhere. The boy who stood by the door got his fingers jammed near the hinges. I put my finger between that metal door just to test it out and it hurt like hell. Poor kid. I hope he is doing ok.

Đán didn’t get lectured today because the teacher was busy trying to see of his classmate was OK. As I left for work, he held a girl’s hand and looked back as they were walking somewhere. Yesterday his teacher gave him a lecture on how he should be coming class just like anyone else and not clinging to daddy. Yes, he still does it.

I have to carry him everywhere we go now because he is so used to being carried into class. It’s my fault because I am trying to get him into class as quick as possible because I am always running late for work. My morning exercise has been carrying him on my shoulder and running into his classroom. Now he’s getting used to it.

At home he always chases his brother down and wrestles him. He plays rough with his cousin and disobeys parents. Last night he threw a bucket of toys at me. I yelled and made him picked up all of the toys. After he had done so I asked him why did he do that and he thought that I was laughing at him. I didn’t realize that I did.

This troublesome 3.5 is so stressful. The constant fighting, jumping, and screaming is so exhausting. Đạo had gone through this stage. He’s now well-behaved for most of the time, but his brother is going through it. I really hope this phase goes away soon.

He could be so sweet when he wanted to. He could use his words skillfully when he wanted to. He could also snap so easily. Life with kids just doesn’t get any easier I suppose.