Life With Sick Kids

Đạo was sick all last week. He threw up every time he ate. At nights his fever shot up to 105.9°F. I had to keep him comfortable with lukewarm towel and Tylenol. He only made it to one day of school last week. Starting this week, Đán is getting sick. He has been out of daycare for two days. He’ll probably be out tomorrow as well. When Đán is sick, he is completely different person. He sits still and doesn’t bother his brother. When he’s not sick. He’s is a handful.

Taking care of sick kids is one of the challenges of being a parent. Fortunate for us, both of our jobs are flexible for us to juggling with it. The thing is that we need to stay healthy as we can. As soon as I feel sluggish, I take medication right away. As soon as I started to cough, I take Delsym immediately. I can’t afford to be sick at the moment.