Reducing Music Reporting

A number if readers have wrote and asked why I don’t write DVD review anymore. The simple reason is time. I don’t have three to five hours to watch a DVD and an additional hour to write about it. In addition, there is nothing new and exciting to cover. I haven’t watched a show for a while, but did caught some glimpses of Paris By Night 112 over the holiday break. They still recycle old songs with uninspiring approach and they still hand out money to the audience. So I haven’t missed a thing.

As for American music, I won’t be covering much either. The internet is flooded with reviews and criticisms, especially on hip-hop; therefore; I don’t need to weigh in on them. In addition, I have lost touch with the hip-hop world. I can no longer keeping up with the new artists. For the jazz world, I try to keep up as much as I can, but I won’t report them either.

So that leaves me with just Vietnamese music. This is the territory that isn’t covered much, especially in English. Vietnamese music has always been my primary passion, but I can’t even keep up with everything like I used to. I’ll be more selective of the albums I will be reviewing.

Writing music started out as a hobby and it still is. I wish I have more time to devote to it, but I have other priorities now. My main focus now is on family and web design.