Last year I had one successful freelance project. This year I probably won’t have any. Again, time is my limitation. In addition to my full-time job at Mason Law, I am concentrating on school and teaching. The rest of my time is devoted to my family.

Freelancing used to be a way for me to keep my skills up-to-date while earn some extra money. I had worked with great clients. Though I still have few that needed minor updates once in a while, most had moved on.

Nowadays, landing a freelance project is not easy. The need for a unique, branded web site is not a priority for small businesses. They could use Facebook or Squarespace for their online presence. Despite the lack if personal branding and unique experiences in both of those channels, you can’t compete with low cost and no cost at all.

As a result, I am shifting my focus away from client services. I am not sure what I’ll do next, but for now I am just going to take it easy and give myself some time with my family.