So Far So Good

The new year has begun. I am on the right track of limiting digital distractions. More times are spent with family, especially the boys. I even keep a book out of sight so I don’t pick it up while I am with them.

We have family staying and friends visiting; therefore, my wife has been busy cooking. Her effort is appreciated. We’re also on the right path on building a more meaningful relationship. We communicate more. We split up our parental responsibilities more. I am grateful for the things she does. I listen to her complains and do my best to fix them.

As for my issues, I am still working on taking one day at a time. I want to eliminate as much negative thoughts as I could. Let go of all the irritative thinkings. Leave all the things that don’t concern me out of my mind. I want simplify my life just like my approach to design. I know I can do it.