Time Off

Since Đạo and I get two weeks off for the holidays, we let Đán stays home as well. Because the weather has been cloudy and wet, we have not gone anywhere.

Yesterday we woke up around 9:30. My wife worked from home. I kept Đán entertained so that he wouldn’t interrupt Đạo from building his Lego.

At noon we headed to the kids’ favorite place for Phở then went to Krispy Kreme for some fresh doughnuts. The kids enjoyed seeing the doughnut assembly. I have to admit. I am kind of addicted to the glazed doughnuts that came right off the racks. We sat on the couch in the store and enjoyed some jazz—something we weren’t able to do with the kids for a while.

Then we headed to my sister-in-law for clams and bún riêu for dinner. Last weekend we visited my sister in Lancaster, she brought us 100 clams. We ate about 30 and brought back home the rest. All we did in Lancaster was letting the kids played together and ate. Sammy and Eric were very good at playing with Đạo and Đán. Sammy was very patience with her little cousins.

On Sunday we stopped by a fantastic train museum nearby my sister’s house for a bit then headed to Philly instead of going straight home for Thanh Thanh’s infamous chicken Phở. The place was tiny, but it was always packed. We were third in line. When we we got a table, the server asked ask what would we liked. My wife asked for a menu and he said we only serve phở gà and boiled chicken. So we ordered two bowls and half a chicken. Both the phở and chicken were indeed delicious. Even though I am not a big fan of phở gà, I enjoyed the tangy noodle soup and the fresh, juicy and slightly fatty chicken. We’ll be back for sure since the kids also loved watching the subway train passing by on the bridge on top of the restaurant.

Being completely offline while around the kids has been quite nice. Even my wife had made the effort to do the same. In addition to focusing on the kids, I am showing more affections to my wife. While driving, we held hands the entire time like we used to when we were still dating. We talked and I said, “I love you” a few times and her response was, “Why all if the sudden?” I always loved her, I just haven’t shown much, but that had all changed now. I can’t take the love given to me for granted.

Being grumpy, silenced and distanced only made our relationship worsened. The cold treatment was not working. All that it took was a hug and some nice words to each other to break the ice. Even if we were arguing, we could made up by just reaching out to hold each other’s hand. I learned this technique while watching Đán and his cousin Khôi playing with each other. One minute they fought over some toys. The next minute they hugged each other and shared cookies or ice creams. It is just amazing how kids don’t hold grudges against one another. I am learning to do the same with my best friend, the mother of my kids, and the love of my life. We’re going to be in each other’s grill in many years to come, so might as well make it enjoyable for both of us.

I have many flaws as a dad and a lover. My kids don’t have a choice. They are stuck with me and they either will grow to love or hate their dad. I am striving for the former. As for wife she still has a choice. The fact that she has been willing to put up with me all these years proved how much love she has for me. I could be a demanding prick at times. (My mama doted me and spoiled the brat out of me.) Others would have left my ass a long time ago. I am not sure what she sees in me that makes her stick around. Whatever it is I am grateful to have her by my side. I have to do whatever it takes to keep her. I am sure my life with be even more miserable without her.