ABC Charts

Last Thursday I stayed up until two in the morning to create two ABC charts for Đạo and Đán. Since Đạo is learning to write, he needed an ABC chart to reference some of the letters he couldn’t remember how to write. To use my design skills, I created a chart for him based on The Legend of Chima, one of his latest favorite TV shows. The design didn’t take very long, but the search for the images and the selection of characters took a bit of time.

I also designed a chart for Đán based on Thomas and Friends. The letters for both of the charts are set in the classic Bembo. At first I was going to use a sans serif, but Đạo was confused between the letter I and l; therefore, I settled on a serif for better distinction between the two.

I hope to get the charts printed at Kinko’s tomorrow to see how they turn out. Obviously the graphics are copyright materials. I even used a disclaimer on the chart. I only use them to help my kids learn the alphabet and not making any money. I hope they won’t come after me. If they do, I just take them off Pinterest.