Christmas is now behind us. In a few days, 2014 will end as well. Around this time of the year, I like to review my personal progress to make improvements in 2015. I actually have started to make some changes before the holidays began. Once again I need to get my priorities straight and cut back on digital activities such as Facebook, Twitter and computer usage.

Facebook, without a doubt, is a great tool for catching up on family and friends. I had, however, found myself being sucked deep into it. I had became the parent that I came to despise: the ones who attached to their digital devices and just let their children do their own things. I must confess. I also am a bit envy of those couples with perfect life. They take vacation all year round. Their kids are well-behaved and they show affection for each other while I am still struggling with my own relationship. I am proud to report that I have been Facebook-free for the last couple of weeks. Though I have not deactivate my account because I have work-related tasks, I have deleted the Facebook app off my iPhone.

In addition to Facebook, I am cutting back on Twitter. I use Twitter primarily to stay up-to-date with web industry. Technologies are moving as such rapid speed that I can’t no longer keeping up with everything. I need to focus on my core strengths and let everything else go. I deleted the app off my iPhone in the past week and planning on using the Twitter web site once or twice a day.

At home, I limit the use of laptop as well. My only time for blogging or doing anything on the computer would be when the kids are sleeping. So I need to wake up before them or stay up late after they had gone to bed. When I am with them I want to give them my full attention, something I have shamefully neglected. I have always been around them whenever I have a chance, but I was not fully engaged and that has been changed before the holidays started. I am off work the entire next week as well so my time will be with them.

Being digitally disconnected in the past two weeks had given me more focus on the physical interactivity. I am spending more time on nurturing our relationship. With the kids being our priority and my own issues, we had drifted away, but deep down, we are inseparable. We have way too much love for each other and for our boys. The foundation we have built is solid. We need to maintain it.

My personal issues have effected our relationship. I am working hard on most of them, but I know for sure that at least one could never changed. I am not so sure how to overcome that one. It makes me miserable, stress out, and resentful. The more I try to ignore it the more it takes over me like a drug addict. Writing has been somewhat helpful, but I can’t seem to publish it for the public. It’s too personal to share. Nevertheless, the blog has remained therapeutic for me. It is still a personal space that allows me to write down my thoughts.