Quang Dũng – Bài Thơ Không Đoạn Kết

Listening to Quang Dũng’s newest record makes me want to smack the sense out of him. What is the purpose? Sure, he wants to give over-sentimental standards (Nhạc Trữ Tình) a try. I get it, but he brings nothing fresh to these bolero ballads. His stiffed delivery, particular in “Tiếng Còi Trong Sương Đêm” (Lê Trực), combined with his lack of emotion and versatility make him sound incredibly stodgy. The trite productions are not helping him either. Released just a week before the holidays, Bài Thơ Không Đoạn Kết has managed to make the list of one of most pointless albums of 2014.

Bonjour Vietnam