I Love Ngoc Lan 2015

I am proud to launch the new version of I Love Ngoc Lan a few weeks before the holidays and her birthday (December 28). The new design returns to large, beautiful photography. One of the feedbacks from fans is that they alway liked to see their idol every time they pay her a visit. Her photos are now paired up with big, bold, sans-serif typefaces to strengthen the design.

Speaking of typeface, another major change is the body text, which was previously set in Open Sans designed by Steve Matteson. The new layout is set in Adobe Arno Pro designed by Robert Slimbach. The choice was chosen for readability, but also to complement the sans serif faces on the images.

I must admit. I have not spent as much as I should on the site. Doing a redesign once a year is the least I could do to keep Ngoc Lan’s legacy alive. Still miss her dearly after all these years.

Bonjour Vietnam