Đạo & Kindergarden

My wife is usually responsible for walking Đạo to school and picking him up; therefore, I only get to do it when I have a chance at home. When time to go home, he would look to see if one of his family members would come to pick him up. Every time he saw me, his face lid up. He raised his hand proudly to let the teachers know that his daddy had come to pick him up.

Several days before Thanksgiving, I joined him for lunch at school. He was so joyful to see me meeting him up for lunch. As We sat at the round table enjoying the turkey meal with other kids and their parent, one kid sat by himself and cried. He didn’t eat anything. Dao asked, “What was wrong with [the boy’s name]?” His other friend replied, “He’s sad because his…” His mom quickly covered his mouth. I didn’t notice it at first, but was the boy at the table without his parent.

Witnessing that made me realized how important our presence is to our children. We should be with them as much as we can.