Đán Turned Three

My little boy turned three last Saturday. Because his birthday falls into the Thanksgiving weekend, we didn’t invite friends or extended family. We just had a low key party for him with both grandmas, his aunt, uncle, cousin and of course the three of us.

The best thing about turning three is that the terrible two is going away. Two was rough. Three is a bit better. We can communicate more. Đán is actually very expressive. He picks up words very fast. Although he doesn’t speak much Vietnamese, he understands everything we say to him.

Despite being strict on him, Đán is still very attach to me. Sometimes I felt horrible for being that way with him repeatedly, but he seems to understand now. I rather be hard on for a short time than letting him spoiled. I have learned that lesson from Đạo. In the past few weeks, Đán’s behavior is getting better. As a result, our time together is much more enjoyable. Let’s improve this aspect.