We met with Đạo’s teacher today to go over his progress and one of the things that we need to work on is his self-control. He pushed his classmates when they cut in front of him at the lunch line or did something he didn’t like. His temper and self-control had been one of the things that we have worked on since daycare. He is getting much better than previous years, but not quite there yet.

Đán is going through the same phrase. When he gets mad, he is uncontrollable. He can break down quite easily. I have been a bit tough on him. If he wanted to yell, I wouldn’t stop him. I just let him do it until he calms down. It has been very stressful. Even though I could sense that he was about to break down and try to avoid it,
sometimes I was just too slow to react. I am terrible at dealing with those types of urgency.

I am not sure if everyone had those moments in their lives, but I also have that self-control issue. Obviously the older you get; the more self-discipline you possess. The simply have no choice. Wether dealing with the people you love or the people you work with, or the people you have deal with, you need to be able to control your emotion.

Blogging in the past had been a place for me to vent and spewed off my anger and emotion. Now I am much cooler and haven’t used a curse words for a long time. My topics have also changed. I no longer write much about my own emotions.

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