Hồng Hạnh & Thái Hòa – Tự Tình Khúc

Hồng Hạnh and Thái Hòa return once again with a duet album consist of Trịnh Công Sơn’s songs. Too bad they only sing together on the opening title track, “Tự Tình Khúc” and the closing “Tình Khúc Ơ-Bai.” Thái Hòa’s charming baritone and Hồng Hạnh’s sensuous alto are a perfect complement.

Thái Hòa’s passion and devotion to Trịnh Công Sơn are undeniable. Most of his albums are his own simple, stripped-down rendition of Trinh’s songs. Most of his singings are accompanied by a acoustic picking guitar. His contribution on this album is no different. As a result, his straightforward, faithful delivery gets monotonous and predictable.

On the other hand, Hồng Hạnh brings something fresh to the record. Her rendition of “Cuối Cùng Cho Một Tình Yêu,” which arranged in the bossa nova rhythm, is quite intoxicating. Her orchestrated version of “Tình Yêu Tìm Thấy” is also hypnotizing. Too bad, she only has two solo tracks on the album.

As a whole, Tự Tình Khúc is an enjoyable record from two Trinh’s appreciators and a bonus from Đinh Tiến Dũng whose version of “Tình Sầu” is passible.