Minh Hằng – Giờ Em Đã Biết

Minh Hằng’s sophomore release has seven tracks. The first three are forgettable, slow sugary pops. The forth, “Ngày Anh Đi” (Đổ Hiếu), is a contagious club joint. The beat and the rap (elementary lyrics but dope flow) saved Minh Hằng’s delivery. The fifth, “Yêu Để Em Biết” (Đức Trí), is the best track on the album. The minimal arrangement of guitar and piano gives her sexy but not-so-distinctive vocals a chance to shine. The sixth, “Ký Ức” (Đào Trọng Thịnh), returns to the slow jam with an r&b big beat. “Phải Chăng Em Đã Yêu” (Dương Khác Linh & Hoàng Huy Long) closes out the album with another dance beat that sampled the break from Psy’s “Gentleman.” While the album has some shining moments, it will not last. It took her six years to make it, but a few months for listeners to forget it.