The Boys Are Growing

The parenting department has been staled. Life with the boys are challenging but great. Dan is still in his terrible two stage, but he is such a cutie. Yesterday I took him to Flippin’ Pizza, he said “Pizza is delicious. Pizza is good for you. Pizza is good for me.” Last night when I tried to put him to bed, he kept rolling around and kicked my face. I got mad he scolded him, “Go to sleep.” He responded, “I thought you were my friend.” How can you get mad at that?

This year’s family reunion, there were about a dozen of boys and only one girl. Dan got really closed with her even though she is quite older than him. He wanted her to be his friend only and no one else. He would fight others if they tried to get closed to her. Over the weekend, we were at the playground and he came to two Asian girls who were also older than him and started to make friends. He asked them to cook chicken and donuts for him and the girls were gladly played along.

Dao, on the other hand, is growing so fast. At the reunion, he played along with everyone. Our relatives recognized the changes in him from last year. He was very grumpy the previous year, but this year he laughed and played with his cousins. I can’t believe he is starting kindergarden in two weeks. My boys are growing.