Hating on Soccer

This morning I took Dao to his friend’s house for birthday celebration. The party started at 10am. The parents served bagels with cream cheese, pastries, coffee, juice for the kids, Mimosa and Bloody Mary for the adults.

We arrived around 10:15. While the rest of the kids went outside to play moon bounce, Dao wanted to stay inside to play with massive Batman toys. The parents all went outside except me, the host (birthday boy’s dad) and another dad who I met for the first time. The host was making drinks in the kitchen.

I didn’t want to appear to be anti-social so I asked for a Bloody Mary and started a conversation about sports. “So you guys follow the World Cup?” I asked. The other dad responded, “No, I hate soccer. It’s a slow, stop and play game and it drags on forever.” The host replied, “You can say that about baseball and you like baseball right?” The dad responded, “Yeah, I love baseball but I don’t get soccer. How can you lose and still win?” I chimed in, “We did beat Ghana.” He gave me that everybody-can-beat-Ghana gesture. Then he went on, “I just read a piece Ann Coulter wrote about soccer and she is right on.” I couldn’t resist questioning, “You actually read Ann Coulter?” He replied, “I normally don’t, but I agree with her on this one.” I mused, “I haven’t read what she has written, but I am sure Ann Coulter talks about soccer is like a nun talking about anal sex.” Needless to say my joke didn’t go too well. I knew I needed to shut up before a 300-pound dad crushes me.

It’s amazing how many Americans are so ignorant about soccer, but aren’t so ashamed to show it. I was listening to The Talk Show the other day and John Gruber and his guest showed the same ignorant for soccer. On his site, he also linked to another ignorant commentary from Keith Olbermann on soccer. Obermann better off focusing his energy and talent on attacking the right wing than wasting it on something he is so clueless and has no passion for.

While the entire world is embracing soccer, America hates it. It’s not a surprising the U.S. team has been suck for long due to the lack of support. This year the U.S. team is gaining some traction and yet we still get no love. I am proud of the U.S. team and I hope that they’ll advance to the quarterfinal.