Mason Law Realigned and Simplified

I am pleased to announce the release of the new web site for the George Mason University School of Law, realigned to simplify the user experience.

The goal for this redesign is to rethink the main navigation and hierarchical structure to let users find what they need quickly and without being overwhelmed. As a result, the numbers of navigational items have been reduced as much as possible and the color choices have been limited to Mason’s brand. Whitespace has also been generously given.

The role of typography has been reconsidered. Lucida Grande had been the default choice for the Law School web site in the past decade. The new design takes advantage of embedded fonts. Myriad Pro was chose for user interface and headings. The body text is now set in Minion Pro. The pairing of Minion Pro and Myriad Pro worked well together and compliance with Mason’s style guide.

I started the redesign initiative a year ago, but it was shelved because we were waiting for the major rebrand from the University. That process has been extremely slowed; therefore, we decided to move ahead with our redesign. I spent the past month delving back into the redesign. We want to relaunch it before the summer is over and here it is.