Lê Khôi – Cho Một Lần Quên

Lê Khôi’s debut Cho Một Lần Quên is a predictable but pleasant ballad record. He covers standards from Diệu Hương, Phú Quang and Trường Sa. His charming baritone jelled the most with Diệu Hương’s simple, melodic compositions. He delivers “Để Mặc Tôi Yêu Em” with honesty and empathy.

His most successful take on Phú Quang’s is “Có Một Vài Điều Anh Muốn Nói Với Em.” Trường Sa’s compositions are too mature for him. His take on “Một Mai Em Đi” and “Xin Còn Gọi Tên Nhau” shows that he lacks the experience to truly express the writer’s emotional lyricism.

One of the major setbacks of the album is the musical productions. The pre-arrangements were stale and lacking of dynamics. While Lê Khôi’s voice has potential, he needs to step further than being lumped into Quang Dũng’s group.