Notes From Dan’s Teachers

A few words to describe student: Active, friendly, loving, curious, expressive.

Likes to play with: Dan loves anything that moves. Cars, trains, planes, and trucks. He likes to build tall towers using anything he can stack. Dan is also very social and always loves playing with his friends. He is very active and loves to jump, run, dance, and play with balls.

Child’s strength: Except during drop off time in the morning, Dan is a very happy little boy. He is very smart and vocal and especially loves to point different things out during story and circle time. he plays very nicely with his friends, especially during gym time and playground time. Dan is also very empathetic and quick to give hug and words of advice to any friend that is not feeling happy.

Areas we are working on: We’re trying to work on making drop off time a bit easier. Dan is making progress. Only a few minutes after mom and dad leave, he is ready to join his friends. Also, we have begun talking about when mom and dad come back. Sometimes, if he is teary during the day, we ask him “When do mommy and daddy come?” He says, “After nap.” And that usually calms him.

From yesterday’s daily activity report:

The Hummingbird class was in motion this morning! Dan, Daniel, Becca, Aaron, and Alexa all ran to the basket of trains as soon as we got to the classroom. We asked them where their trains were going… Dan scooted his train all around the circle table and said “He’s going to see Daddy.”

As soon as Ms. Geisel announced it was time for Show and Share, Liz turned to Ms. Ali with a great big smile on her face. Then, Dan stood up to tell the class that his “daddy got me new clothes.”

Dan has been extremely closed to me. He makes me feel loved and very special. His favorite bedtime book is The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree. At first, he was a little scared, but now he loves reading it. He now weighs as much as his older brother. He has been talking a lot as well, but he has started to stutter when he tries to find the right words to say. For example the other day he saw a girl held a book, he told me, “Look daddy, look daddy, look daddy, look daddy, it’s Frozen.” I love this kid even though he is way too active for me.