Make the Logo Smaller

I tweaked the design for this site again to make the logo smaller. I had fun making the logo humongous, but it was too big and took up way too much real estate. Using SVG for the logo without any fallback doesn’t sit quite well with me even though I could careless about IE8 and below.

With the new change, I replaced SVG logo with real typeface. For typography of the entire site, I replaced Roboto with Source Sans Pro. If you have Adobe products installed on your machine, I also changed body text to Minion Pro. I don’t have a subscription to TypeKit; therefore, the fallback for the body text is Source Sans Pro. My type choices are limited because I want the ability to display correct Vietnamese characters. Google Fonts only has a handful of typefaces that support Vietnamese subsets. I don’t even see Vietnamese listed under TypeKit’s language support.

One additional change on Visualgui is that the huge hero on the homepage is now gone. I have that feature for many years and grown tired of it. Text is the only thing on the homepage.