Make the Logo Humongous

With the effort to make Visualgui into a consistent brand, I decided to play up the logo quite a bit. I settled on League Gothic typeface after using it on my business card and other print materials I have done for my class on professional design practices.

For this new update, I also want show how beautiful and responsive a designer can do with SVG, especially with typography. The logo is only 3K since I designed for mobile first. The actual size of the logo is 320px wide, but it can scale up all the way to however your screen can accommodate. If you visit this site on a mobile phone, you can see that the logo is not large at all.

With the humongous logo, I am losing the big image hero on the homepage. Even though I am going to miss it. I have always had trouble filling it in. If I don’t change it for two weeks, I feel it started to get old. I am also wanting to move away from doing that updates as well.