Silly Conversations With My Boys

Đán woke up in the morning, smiled and said, “Daddy địt.” I replied, “Đán địt.” He sounded a bit angry, “No, daddy địt.” I teased on, “No, Đán địt.” He got real mad, pointed at me and said, “No, I tell you. Daddy địt.” I responded, “OK, Daddy địt.” I did.

Yesterday with Đạo

Đạo played with his legos and pretended: “Bad guys going into Walmart.” I was curious to know: “Why do bad guys go to Walmart? They want to buy some toys?” He responded, “No, to take some money.” I was like, “What? Where did you learn that from?” He said, “From Eric.”

Đạo’s 5th birthday is coming up and he has been quite misbehaving at school. On Monday, he refused to return to class after being in the playground. He did fine on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I asked him what happened in class. He said that two of his friends called him “dirty head.” I said, “That’s not nice so what did you do?” He responded, “I punched them.” I was like, “Oh no. What hands are for?” He replied, “To hold hands and to eat food.” I said, “That’s good. Why didn’t tell your teachers what they said to you?” He responded, “I did.” I asked, “What did your teacher say?” He replied, “She said to tell my friends ‘no, thank you. I don’t like what you said.'” I said, “That’s good advice. Why didn’t you do that?” He said,” I don’t know.”

I made a deal with him that we would throw him a big birthday party for him if he would be a good boy from today to the 25th. Each day we would put a smiley face sticker on the calendar if he would be good in school. The school’s psychologist thinks that he’s acting up because he knows his birthday is coming up. She wanted to meet with us and his teachers again to discuss his behavior.