Practicing Letters in Shaving Cream

From Daily Exploration:

After snack and circle time, The Hummingbirds gathered around for shaving cream time… Ms. Ali and Ms. Natalia wrote everyone’s names in the shaving cream. They loved it! Dan was ready to clean up soon after and said “Messy! I need soap!”

Yesterday when I picked up the kids, Dan saw another boy eating a cookie and said to me, “Daddy, I want a cookie just like that.” One of the things that I have noticed about Dan is that he speaks in full sentences. Dao was quite talkative when he was younger, but I don’t recall he used full sentences like Dan. I think he picked up a lot of it from Dao now. Even Khoi has been imitating Dao whenever they hang out together. Khoi is quite fond of Dao. He asks about Dao all the time. Dao could be a fantastic older brother and cousin when he wanted to.