The Bug Report

The following report came from one of Dao’s teachers:

Yesterday, we went to the gym and we saw a few bugs and the children were very intrigued about them, so today we asked them.
Miss Rachael: What did you guys see in the gym?
Kassie: We saw a bug
Alex: we saw a stink bug.
Eva: I think I saw 5 stink bugs. There were one had 2 babies and the other had 1 baby.
Miss Rachael: What do you know about bugs?
Dao: if you squish them, they die.

I never taught him that.

Because Dao is eloquent with language, Dan picks up his motor skills from him as well. The other day, Dan dropped a container of cereal while we were riding to the daycare. He said slowly, “I spilled cereal… Dao can you pick them up?” Early today, I was putting on his diaper and joked with him, “Cu đẹp đâu rồi?” (Where is your pretty penis?) He tried to take off his diaper and replied, “Let me show you. Let me show you.”