The Buddha Within

Origami artist Giang Dinh on Buddha:

Remember that Buddha is within any one of us. My hope is that the viewer of the right piece will “fill in the blanks” and see your own “Buddha face”. Do not look for Buddha in the external world; you must look within.

His reason for choosing paper as a medium is also compelling:

Origami is a special kind of sculpture. You start with a piece of paper and end up with the same piece of paper. You do not add or subtract anything thing like other kinds of sculpture. By hiding the unnecessary parts of the paper, the origami artist can create the whole new world. It is magical, like fairy tales. The material is so simple, the possibility is endless. And you do not need many special tools. Mainly it is a direct conversation between your heart/hands and a piece of paper, especially if you fold in the air.

Giang Dinh is the son of painter Dinh Cuong.