I Love Ngoc Lan 2014

I Love Ngoc Lan has a new look. The major change is the hero banner. I want to move away from the fullscreen image and experiment with a more playful design. I had a vision of making a collage out of Ngoc Lan’s photograph and ended up incorporating them with flowers to match her name. Illustration is not my style, but I am pleased with the new design.

For typography, I stay with Open Sans. I wanted to use a serif typeface for reading texts, but couldn’t find a decent one with Vietnamese characters. Open Sans, a crisp and modern typeface, is legible and has full support for Vietnamese letters. I tightened up the body texts for better readability and unbolded the headings for a softer appeal.

I didn’t change the codes much except for some optimization in the markups. The content is still powered by WordPress and the layout is still responsive. CSS is now preprocessed with SASS for the ease of maintainability.

I Love Ngoc Lan turns 11 this year. Crazy how quick time passed by. I hope fans will enjoy the new design.