For 2014, my resolution is to focus on less. Here are the ten things I want to do less:

  1. Eat: Less junkie food and sweets. Somehow I developed an appetite for high-calorie food such as hamburger, cheesecake and flan. I’ll have less of those in 2014.
  2. Coffee: Each morning I had to have an extra-large coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. After work, I would crave for another one and my excuse would be night class or if I had to stay up late. I want to cut back to just one cup a day and if I could go down to just a large size.
  3. Work: I want to work less, but more efficient. All that I need to do is managing my time better.
  4. Stress: Don’t stress myself out too much over every little things. Just deal with the matters at hands and let everything else go. It’s much easier said than done, but I can do it.
  5. Grumpy: Whenever I get stressed out, I become grumpy. If I could reduce stress, my grumpiness will be subside as well.
  6. Sit: Get off my ass and get back to jogging. I have been slacking off lately.
  7. Yell: Less yelling at the kids when they disobey or fight with each other. I can’t control my emotion when I see them hurting each other.
  8. Social Media: Less use of social media. I don’t use Twitter much anymore other than checking on what’s up with the industry. I need to cut back on Facebook as well.
  9. Read: This might seem ridiculous, but I need to devote less time on reading. These days, I try to read every chance I get. I want my kids to take a nap just so I could have an hour or so to read. Whether reading a book on typography, CSS or jazz music, I can’t seem to stop once I started to get into a book. I want to learn everything I could when I read; therefore, I have no time for fiction. I should just put the books away and just go to sleep with the kids. So that when they wake up, I also have enough strength to keep up with them.
  10. Petty Fight: When you live and interact with someone everyday, petty fight is inevitable. My wife and I had our ups and downs and most of the time because we’re exhausting. The good thing is that we get beyond that and still love each other dearly. In 2014, my goal will be to make less petty fight, more sweet love (I wish).