Spending Time With The Boys

The past two weeks had been fun but also exhausted. Being a full-time dad is not as easy as I had imagined.

The first week was not so bad since we were on an all-inclusive vacation. We got up around 8, got to breakfast about 9. Around 10 we headed to the swimming pool or the beach. The kids jumped around all over in the shallow water. I just had to keep an eye on them, which was not an easy task because of a few topless sun-bathers around. The mojito kept me focused on the kids.

After that we would head to lunch. At this point the kids got tired and ready for nap. Dao is the exception so I had to push him on the stroller around the property until he would fall asleep. Then I would stop at the bar, picked up a drink, headed to the beautiful landscape area. Let him listened to the waterfall while I enjoyed reading a book.

Once they woke up, we headed into the water again until dinner time. They were once again exhausted so they would go to bed early. Even though we were on vacation, we all went to bed around 9. Other than Dan running all around the property, getting out of his high chair and running all over the restaurants, we had a good time.

Once we headed back to the States, my day started at six in the morning forcefully and didn’t end until 10pm at night. That’s a sixteen-hour shift. When Dan had a fever at night, I was on call as well. I couldn’t sleep and had to check his temperature every fifteen minutes or so. On a good day, I was too exhausted to do my own things after 10pm.

The good thing was that the holiday season in DC has many model train exhibitions. Each day I tried to take them to different show. Staying home a whole day with them would give me massive headaches. The raining days and they days my wife was sick were the worse.

Then again, time spent with them went by so fast. Two weeks also come to an end. I am getting a cold myself. After tomorrow, I go back to work and they will go back to daycare. Life will be back to normal again.